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	Saturday went well, it was cold (temps in the high
40s), but 100% humidity.  Turns out that even though I gain
a ton of power going from 80 degrees down to 65, I don't
gain anything more when it goes down from there.  Traction
got worse in the cold, so this time I was really wishing
for race tires, even though my last try on them didn't gain
me anything.  So, 60 foot times were in the mid 2.3s, mph
was in the 92s, and I was dialing 15 flat (this was my first
"real" bracket racing experience).
	I've avoided brackets because I thought you had to
have a really consistent car, but it turns out that if you
can cut a really consistent light, you can work around the
car.  I won my first two round at the light, and then lost
the third at the light.  The car was not a problem, poor
traction and all.
	Well, racing season is over for me, now I get to 
play in the garage all winter ;-).

P.S.  One interesting thing, I found the limit of what I
	believe to be the ignition.  With race gas in it,
	I turned the boost a little higher than ever before, 
	and suddenly got a bad stutter at full boost (I
	couldn't hear any pinging) that went away as soon
	as I turned the boost back down a little.  Anyway...