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RE: Rear Pinion Seal Leak

>>>>	I finally plan to get the rear pinion seal replaced after 90k
miles and 2 years of persistent dripping, now getting worse.  I had
redline in the diffy, so at least the garage doesn't smell like sulfer.
Question is, should I go ahead and have the diff. overhauled while this is
being done?  Some have said this is wise. I don't wish to change to a 8.8.
Well, if you must keep the 7.5, then here's what I would do.  When you pull 
the axle cover off, identify which posi and carrier you have.  The sharp 
cornered one, with springs about the size of the diameter of a pencil, that 
bolts together around the end NOT where the ring gear is, is the EATON. 
 POS.  Throw it away.  Get the FMS posi, that resembles a smaller version 
of the 8.8.  It's rounded, and uses flat clutch plates and steel plates, 
instead of cones and springs, like the Eaton.  Then buy two sets of clutch 
packs for it and restack the plates starting with the opposite of the way 
it was originally put together.  This way you will get one more piece of 
clutch plate in it and have a tighter posi.

This is the way my Lincoln was redone and it's still alive behind the 5.0.
At this point you will need to have the diff set up again for the proper 
clearances.  Might as well change the gears while you're in there.....

Good luck!