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RE: Dash Lighting

At 10:22 AM 9/22/97 -0500, Leiding,Steve [Wpg] wrote:
>Well, this certainly is relevant.  My dash lights completely quite last
>All lights on - then nothing.  The fuse is OK, so I guess I'll pull the
>instrument panel.  Shannon let me know if you figure yours out.
>Dave, I don't believe the Instrument Voltage Regulator (IRV) is
>permanently attached to the circuit.  I suspected my IRV was going bad a
few >weeks ago.
>Fuel, oil, and temp gauges would suddenly read double what they should.
>Hey, perhaps the two are related. - DUH
>I stopped by the local self serve wreaking yard and pulled the dash on an
84 LX.
>The IRV pops off with a screwdriver - just be very careful of the mylar.
> It's
>attached with a button type connector very similar to a 9 volt battery.
>- STeve


The voltage regulators I thought supported the gauges -- and that's what
seems to cause irradic gauge readings -- but those are both only
assumptions on my part. 

You can buy the regulators brand new -- for all the effort, I'd rather
install a new one. I haven't priced them, but I would think they're

I could order a bunch if people are having problems finding them.

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