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I added the Turbo Coupe intercooler a couple of days ago. It 
fits...kinda...but doesn't line up exactly with the hood scoop. Today I was 
giving it a good run to see if it made a difference. All of a sudden under 
full boost (19-ish psi)...BOOOOMM! Thought that was the end as my face nearly 
hit the windshield. I was getting ready to plan the all-too-common AAA call 
and to drop in .0 (just joking), when I noticed the intercooler had dislodged 
from the hose and clamp assembly (throttle body). Phew!!! Anyway, It ran fine 
after I reconnected.

I definitely observe an increase in power with the Turbo Coupe 
intercooler...it may not be cooling any better than the stock SVO unit, but 
the flow characteristics are better (it is also a nice dry and cool day in New 
England so this may be poor data). Has anyone experienced difficulties in 
keeping the IC connected? What are others opinion of the Turbo Coupe IC?1

The computer must have freaked when at full boost WOT the vane was saying "no 

(2) 86 SVOs; one stock, one toy