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RE: Intercooler

No missing; power was very strong...but the when the IC became disconnected 
air was bypassing the vane meter and entering the throttle body directly. 
Meanwhile the vane meter must have closed (no more air flow). MAJOR BACKFIRE 
and immediate shutdown!

It doesn't appear that air flow is being directed as well through the Turbo 
Coupe IC through the SVO scoop as the stock SVO IC (Its not a good fit/seal). 
What is you opinion on this?


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From:	Chris Roth 
Sent:	Monday, September 22, 1997 2:02 PM
To:	Ron Myrick
Subject:	Re: Intercooler


> Has anyone experienced difficulties in 
> keeping the IC connected? What are others opinion of the Turbo Coupe IC?1

I have a TC Intercooler on both of my SVOs.  I had to double clamp 
the outlet hose on the IC and tighten them very tight.  I feel I got 
15hp from adding the TC Intercoolr based on the fact that I gained 
3mph in the quarter.

> The computer must have freaked when at full boost WOT the vane was saying 
> air"!!!

Why, did the car start missing under full boost?  When I run my car 
at 18psi it starts to miss.

Chris Roth
85 Bright Red SVO
86 Silver Metallic SVO