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Re: Intercooler

Owners of '93 and up RX-7 twin turbos have also had trouble with intake hoses
popping off under boost, especially when the throttle is closed abruptly under
high boost, which generates a pressure spike in the intake plumbing. Many are
now using T-bar hose clamps, which can sustain higher clamp loads then worm
drive clamps. These aren't generally a hardware store item, look for them at a
good hydraulic hose supply.

Gary Morrell

On Sep 22, 20:07, Dave Compton wrote:
> Subject: Re: Intercooler
> If you have the bracket for the IC, use it.
> If not tighten the !@#$%^ out of the hoses.  I use a 1/4" drive ratchet and
> the appropriate socket for the clamps.
> Dave
> DCompton@SmartWorx.com
> http://www.SmartWorx.com/DCompton
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