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Re: Where was it? read on '86 Single wing for sale

Dear Tim, All,
Read you post.  I guess if anyone wanted question travel ability it would be
mine! (haha)  I saw you at Ford Carlise and then The New Hope Car Show (PA)
months later, cheap from AZ.   I haven't looked to box anything yet, I want
to sell my "86 car before selling any parts.  
Where did you work?   Was it the Mustang yard off Route 663 (now a Toyota
Dear All,
Joe M. reminded me that "I'm the buy n sell guru of the SVO world" so I
figured I'd post my 86 BiWing Delete Option SVO is for sale.   I've been
cosidering selling it
or holding out for a good trade + cash (as the market here is offering just
Now I've purchased a race car (Bear racing/CAR and DRIVER project car) so I
need 3 SVO's.
More importantly I've been seeing very Ratty SVO's for sale at High (?)
prices.  Or
at least way more than I would spend for a bad car.  I wish I had time to
tell of the 86 I looked at yesterday-BAD.  I'd like to see this car go to an
SVO collector.
It's complete, registered, emissioned and not missing anything.  Gray with
This isn't a garage queen, but a very tidy great running 86 SVO.   I'm asking
$3950.00,  and will consider all trades+cash,  or finance for hard luck
stories (if it's a good one).  This is the kind of offer that requires
"talking over a telephone".  Call me and leave a number at (602)
786-6031-I'll call back as not to use your dime.   As I start to work on the
race car I'll post the "go fast" items very reasonably (ie, 8.8, Griggs
pieces, SVO susp FRONT etc.)
(602) 786-6031
P.S. I can provide references for say the last 4 SVO's I've sold.  Still
friends, still
buying parts from me.  This is not my business- my pasion.  And my 85.5 Comp
Prep is NOT 4 sale!