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Re: Saturday at the track...


Sorry I couldn't join you guys.  I was attempting to get the new gasket that 
goes between the exhaust manifold and turbo installed before Saturday but it 
didn't happen.  Unfortunately, the car is still mostly in parts.

Since I didn't make it, I decided to travel 680 miles to my parents to tow back 
my '68 Mustang that's been sitting for several years.  I ran into problems 
(trailer wiring, axle coming off the bearing on my '67 Ranchero) and just got 
back last night around midnight!

Anyway, the SVO will be up and running soon.  Unfortunately, I think the race 
season is over.  I appreciate you keeping me informed.  I really want to go but 
it will have to wait until next year.

If we have an SVO event (soon) prior to the snow, would you be interested?  Say 
a drive-in to meet other SVO owners?