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RE: Intercooler

I was also refering to "no missing" even when the IC is attached. I have 
removed my knock sensor and will begin to get detonation around 18 psi in 
premium mode. In unleaded mode (retarded timing), I can get up to 21 psi 
without any missing or noticible detonation. Sunoco Ultra fuel.


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From:	Chris Roth 
Sent:	Monday, September 22, 1997 6:47 PM
To:	Ron Myrick
Subject:	RE: Intercooler


> No missing; power was very strong...but the when the IC became disconnected 
> air was bypassing the vane meter and entering the throttle body directly. 
> Meanwhile the vane meter must have closed (no more air flow). MAJOR BACKFIRE 

> and immediate shutdown!

I was referring to when I get the TC IC to stay on the car and that 
is when I get the miss.  I did have the same problem you are talking 
about before I double clamped the IC.

> It doesn't appear that air flow is being directed as well through the Turbo 
> Coupe IC through the SVO scoop as the stock SVO IC (Its not a good 
> What is you opinion on this?

I agree that the seal is not very good but I feel that the larger 
capacity Intercooler is better no matter what the seal (to a certain 
point)  I still notice faster spool and more power with the TC IC and 
I will stick with it for a while.

Chris Roth
85 Bright Red SVO
86 Silver Metallic SVO