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Re: svo turbo

Sly, Dennis wrote:
> What's the difference between the 84 intake and the 86 intake.

Just the shape.  The 84 lines the runners up in a line at the mid
point, and the 86 arranges them in a square at the mid point.

> Also,
> would it be worth going to 42# injectors instead of 36# if you intend on
> doing other mods anyway.

I used to worry a LOT about that, not wanting to be limited by the
36s if I was going to spend the money anyway.  Problem is, I never found
a GOOD way to run the 42s, and eventually I concluded that since I
was running so much slower than the 36s could support, it made more
sense to get a stock computer designed for the 36s and just run them
until I actually maxed them out, and then worry about it.  You have
to do a TON of stuff to max them out.  You don't even need to worry
about the 30# injectors until you're running 95mph+ in the quarter.
The 36s will support well over 100mph.