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Re: Altering the WasteGate Rod

Brian Guild wrote:

> When I removed my cat pipe the other night, I got a great view of the
> wastegate, and the actuator rod.  What can I do to this rod to make my
> boost come up quicker, and stronger?  

Don't mess with the rod, there's a much better and easier way to do
what you want.

> What can I do to disable the annoying
> 4000rpm boost limiter on the TC?  Is there an easy way to make this rod
> adjustable to tailor boost responce at the track?  Any answers to these
> questions would be appreciated!

Controlling your boost is relatively simple.  It would help us to know
that year your car is (I think you have a Tbird?).  We just did what
you're wanting to Rich Stark's (AKLARION@aol.com) 86 Tbird...