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Re: Effects of Removing the Catalytic Converter


>What are the effects of removing the cat?  

Removing the cat will give you more power, especially if it is a 84-85
exhaust system,  but loosing the rest of the stock muffler system will help
even more.

I picked up almost 5 mph on my 86 by removing the stock exhaust system and
only running a downpipe.  The car weighed 3164lb with me in the car and I
ran a 14.5@93.7 with a 2.1 60' time.  It was 72 degrees with 42% rel humidity.

I then installed a new ATR SS exhaust system and ran the car weighing
3210lb with a best time of 14.4@91.5 with 2.0 60' times.  The conditions
were much cooler at 48 degrees with 100% rel humidity. Two things to
consider, I picked up 60' time by running in the groove and it was a much
cooler day, but I am not sure if the humidity being so high helped any?

At any rate, running the two test runs through the horsepower calculator
resulted a beginning 207hp with open exhaust and a 200hp with the ATR
system.  I am happy with the 7hp loss with the ATR system considering how
quiet the car is now.

I will give a compete run down on the ATR system very soon and post it for

Chris Roth 
85 SVO (Bright Red)
86 SVO (Silver Metallic)