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SVO: Ford part #'s

 Hey Everyone,
    Thought I would offer to do a little research for the list.  I seem to
have hit it off with a guy at the local Ford dealer parts counter
I don't think the prices will be awesome but they may have some hidden SVO
parts on the shelf? Their TFI's are 114.95 and the spark plug wires are
40.93, not exactly cheap hush?  So do you or any one you know have a list of
hard to find stuff? I am in Las Cruces, New Mexico.   El Paso, TX is like 30
min from here, So I could check the area ? I dont think there are any Sao's
I know of one which hasn't moved in like 2 years looks like a sweet 86 just
a little dusty
The guy won't sell though (or fix!)  didn't say what was wrong it just sits
in his driveway taunting
me.  Hmm maybe cash in hand? Sorry dreaming there for a sec.
83 Turbo GT ummmm? --> Hybrid? hahahh yeah that's it hybrid!