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RE: Dash Lighting

>From: 	Jim Dvorak[SMTP:jim@mustangsvo.org]
>Sent: 	Tuesday, September 23, 1997 12:09 AM
>To: 	Mustang SVO Mailing List
>Subject: 	RE: Dash Lighting
>The voltage regulators I thought supported the gauges -- and that's what
>seems to cause irradic gauge readings -- but those are both only
>assumptions on my part. 

Your right Jim, the regulator only controls the gauges.  My gauges have
had erratic readings for about the last month,  the dash lights just
quit the other day.  Probably two separate problems, but now I've got
more of a reason to pull the instrument cluster and replace the
>You can buy the regulators brand new -- for all the effort, I'd rather
>install a new one. I haven't priced them, but I would think they're

Probably are reasonable.  I was just in the mood to browse the wreaking
yard at the time.  Picked up the regulator, temp, oil, and fuel gauges
for $5.

STeve Leiding
>'84 SVO