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Re: Sunroof storage bag? -- Yes Sireee Bob!

At 10:29 PM 9/23/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I was reading the shop manual (yes I have a boring life). Section 46-12
>shows the sunroof out and in a storage bag. Anyone get one of these with
>the car new? Are they still around?

Don't forget to mention that's 46-12 of the 1984 Shop Manual --- ooh, it's
in the '86 manual as well!

I got a cover with my '86 when I drove her home brand new. And I'll be
damned if I can find it -- turned-up missing -- may have lost it when my
garage got broken into a couple years ago. 

It's a basic naugahyde charcoal gray sleeve that's shaped for the sunroof.
Open on the long "latch" end, and the flap folds over -- like an envelope.
It has a "belt loop" on the top side so that when laid down in the cargo
area, the nylon strap (if you still have that -- my '86 manual shows it in
FIG 4 Panel Stowage-Mustang/Capri -- which actually illustrates a Pinto if
you can believe it!) can hold it in place and the sucker won't fly through
the winshield when you're testing your brakes!

I replaced my single strap with a loop-through velcro unit so I wouldn't
have to "thread" the dang thing. 

Is that enough information?

Jim Dvorak
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