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SVO Emblem Confusion


Mike Ray got me started by doing a favor and looking-up something -- now
I'm going crazy! 

If you have an '86 Shop Manual, look in the Body section on page 47-04-15
and you'll see the SVO "EMBLEM TRANSFER" -- read that STICKER to be
positioned on the fender. Now we all know that in '86 they did not use the

Just another example of why so many people are confused about the minor
differences in the SVO model years.

And I found out today that even my Mitchell Collission Estimating Guide has
no distinction between the '84 TRW rack and the 85-on 15:1 rack. If you go
by that, they're all the same. But we know they aren't. So my conclusion is
that if a repair was done on a TRW system, it was entirely possible that it
was updated to the 15:1.

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