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Early vs.Late parts...long

Does anyone have any track times for a new intake style vs. old style
comparison? I hear the late model ones are better, but don't know how much
truth there is to it.I wouldn't be suprised if the differance was
negligable, but that is jus speculation.

The later intake also has the injectors pointing at the valve instead of 
aligning with the intake's runners.

This is precisely why I am doing my mods in a systematic order.  No one 
ever really wrung the nuts out of an 84 setup.  By the time anybody wanted 
to modify their 84, the later stuff was out and people just changed it all 
as a matter of course.  So, no real develpoment has been done in this area, 
as far as I know.

I personnally don't think the early manifold is any sort of hinderance. 
 This is mostly based on comments from Rick Byrnes, who said that the 
redesign was done for packaging commonality issues with the Ranger truck.

Carl says that 30 #ers are sufficient until you're running 95 mph in the 
quarter.  I don't know where he got that, but it seems plausible. At 91 MPH 
and 17-18 psi of boost, I'm still way rich at full throttle.

My intent is to go as far as possible with the "bad" pieces, until that 
piece becomes the bottleneck.  And I already have the later stuff in the 
garage, I'm just curious...

I can say this though.  The early cam is way too small.  Ditch that thing 
for at least the FMS -A231 cam, which incidentally, is the same as the 
later SVO cam, and also  all of the 5 speed Merkur XR4ti cams. If you buy a 
Merkur 5 speed head, then you got it in the deal.  Or get the Engle from 
me, for a nice improvement.  Again, in back to back testing, my 84 SVO was 
as fast at 10 PSI with the Engle cam, as it was the night before at 17 psi 
without the Engle cam.  I also have a brand new -A231 cam and a couple of 
various used cams, for sale, if anybody is interested.

BTW, I was experiencing a little bit of rattling last Friday night, so I 
thought to myself, "self, if I now have control over the boost with the 
bleed valve, then I can back off of the timing with the unleaded/premium 
switch."  I thought this would prevent the clatter.  So, I switched it to 
the unleaded position. It did retard the timing,  but I only ran a 15.5 @ 
88 MPH, againsta Saturn.  This was the most even race you could ever see. I 
was faster and quicker, but he cut a very slightly better light, and took 
the win.  We were right next to each other, the whole way.  Yuk, switch 
back on, 14.95 @ 91 MPH.  So that's what timing alone will get you!