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Re: Early vs.Late parts...long

Dave Compton wrote:

> This is precisely why I am doing my mods in a systematic order.  No one
> ever really wrung the nuts out of an 84 setup.  By the time anybody wanted
> to modify their 84, the later stuff was out and people just changed it all
> as a matter of course.  So, no real develpoment has been done in this area,
> as far as I know.

Besides the fact that I'm being cheap right now, I've been wanting to
see how far I could really go with my early 85 for the same reason.

> I personnally don't think the early manifold is any sort of hinderance.
>  This is mostly based on comments from Rick Byrnes, who said that the
> redesign was done for packaging commonality issues with the Ranger truck.

That's what he told me, anyway.  I trust him ;-).

> Carl says that 30 #ers are sufficient until you're running 95 mph in the
> quarter.  I don't know where he got that, but it seems plausible. At 91 MPH
> and 17-18 psi of boost, I'm still way rich at full throttle.

I just get that from doing the horsepower calculations for my weight.
If you're running a heavier car, you'll max them out at a lower speed.
I was also being a little conservative.  For my weight of 3270, 96mph
is 230hp, and 99mph is 253hp.  Somewhere in that range is where the
30# injectors will max out, but you've gotta have an air/fuel meter
to know exactly when you're done...any smart person would just go to
bigger injectors before this point, but I'm curious ;-).  Yes, I've
holed a piston before, but it was the TFIs fault, not my fuel system.

At any rate, the 30s will give me enough power to run a 13.99 if I
can get a really good takeoff.  I figure that would be cool to do...
speaking of cool, I'll probably need a serious intercooler, though,
to accomplish that.

> I can say this though.  The early cam is way too small.

I agree.  Retarding does help a little, but it would be much more
cost effective to just put a different cam in than buying an
adjustable cam pulley.