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Drag Racing??

Hey Guys!

I was just reading over some of the posts and was wondering something.
Why are you taking a car that is designed more for autocrossing or a
road course and drag racing it?

I'm not trying to offend anyone here...it's just, it doesn't make much
sense to me. To take a car that has such a balanced suspension yet a
sensitive motor. It would even be very hard just to bracket race with
one. Now, I love drag racing...But, the SVO really wasn't designed for

It seems you're 'going against the grain' in what the cars intending use
was for. I can understand trying to get every last HP out of the motor.
That goes with the quote I seen once:

"Given unlimited resourses, a true hot rodder wouldn't be content until
he had created a car so violent, so hairy, so totally sick that the very
act of stomping the throttle would result in instant death. Anything
less that that results in the need to make it go faster"

To all you drag racing SVO owners out there...have you ever thought
about stopping by the local SCCA event and trying out the course?

Just a thought...:)

<teflon racing suit>

Bud Morton
86 SVO (featured in Mustang Monthly 9-97)
85 SVO Dark Sage
94 Cobra #1506