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Group Fuel Pump Purchase - Ordering Time


Here is the final order information for the Walbro group fuel pump
purchase, as indicated on my previous post.  I believe the Mustang 190 or
255 lph pumps will fit on all Tbirds, TBird Turbos, Mustangs, Mustang SVOs,
and even the Merkurs, but, you might have to remove the other inline filter
on some of these vehicles, and do some fuel line work.  Please do not
contact me with your questions.  If you have ordering questions, email Ron
Gregory @ rgregory@iname.com.  If you have technical questions, your best
bet would be to contact Walbro, as I think Ron doesn't want to field
technical questions.

Here is the message from Ron Gregory, who is coordinating this purchase:

---- begin message to post -----

Originally, I was stating this as a mass purchase of pumps
by a dealer (me), because that's the only way I could get
these group-purchase prices.  In order to do a group purchase, 
I had to meet dealer requirements.  I'd bet you that most
all group purchases you see on the internet are done the 
same way.  So, since this is a one-time-only offer, I'm 
going to go ahead and call it a group purchase.

This is it!

I got some more news from Walbro Thuesday morning.  The final
prices have been set on the pumps, and the price of that big 
pump is more than $10 higher than what they had originally told 
me.  Plus, since I'm not a big-time company or something... just
a guy trying to get a good deal for his friends... I have to pay 
for shipping from Walbro to me <drat!>.

They agreed to give me the lower price on the large pump on 
this order, though.  They don't have the 190 ltr universal GM 
pump ready, so only the Buick Grand National kit is available 
with the 190 ltr pump for GM vehicles.  If you want to try to 
stuff a GN kit or Mustang kit in your Sy/Ty, let us all know 
if it fits.

I've added $10 to the cost of each pump to cover shipping to me, 
shipping to you, and my time and packing materials needed.  Walbro
is going to send me a huge box, and I have to pack each pump
in it's own box to ship it to you.

Here are the part numbers, descriptions, and prices (including

190 ltr pump with 70 micron filter:

   700  Mustang kit                                  - $70
   701  Buick Turbo Regal kit                        - $70
   710  Mustang kit (30 micron filter)               - $73
   724  univeral MOPAR kit (30 & 70 micron filters)  - $70
  3315  '94-97 Miata                                 - $72

255 ltr pump with 70 micron filter:

   719 Mustang kit (30 micron filter)                - $85
   722 universal GM kit                              - $85
   725 universal MOPAR kit (30 & 70 micron filters)  - $100
  3313 '94-95 Integra and '92-95 Civic               - $85
  3314 '95-97 Eclipse/Talon (FWD and AWD)            - $85
  3316 '89-91 RX-7 (turbo and non-turbo)             - $85
  3317 '92-95 Toyota truck (2WD)                     - $85

I'm going to take orders through October 15.  If you want
one, drop me a piece of personal e-mail (stating what you 
want, along with your e-mail address and mailing address).
Then throw a check in the mail.  I want to send Walbro a check 
(and deposit your checks) on Oct 20.  If your check isn't 
here by the 20th, your pump won't get ordered, and your
check will be destroyed (I'll e-mail you with the bad news).

Walbro said that it *normally* takes them 4-5 days to process
a cash order, so I expect a big package from them by the
end of October.  I'll start shipping them out as soon as I get
them in.

Send your check to:

    Ron Gregory
    2917 Snapdragon Court
    Garland, TX 75040-2833


  I cannot guarantee that the 701 kit will fit anything other than
  a Turbo Regal.  I cannot guarantee that the Mustang kits will
  fit anything other than a Mustang (although I've heard they will
  fit other Fords).

  I know nothing about the import kits or the MOPAR kits.  Those
  kits just showed up on the price sheet I received today.  The
  255 ltr pump for the MOPAR is higher, because they never quoted
  the price for that pump to begin with, and I'll have to pay the
  real/higher price for those.

  Walbro warrants each pump for two years from the date of
  manufacture (stamped on the pump).  If it fails due to 
  manufacturing or materials, they'll replace it.  9 out of
  10 pumps that fail, fail due to dirty gas... be sure you
  have a clean tank when you put that pump in there!

  Call me crazy, but pass this note around if you want to...

---- end message to post -----
Ron Gregory				'91 Syclone (VIN 1452)
rgregory@iName.com			Garland, TX