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Re: Sunroof storage bag? -- Yes Sireee Bob!

>I always find it interesting how many part from the SVO (the first Mustang
>Cobra) made there way onto the 93 Mustang Cobra.  The bag you describe is
>the one that came with my 93 Cobra (we could sit here all day long and
>identify similar - unique - parts that are common between these two cars).

        Actually, all Mustangs (almost all Fords for that fact) that came
with a factory sunroof, came with that storage bag.  My `79 Turbo came with
it, my buddies `86 Capri came with it, and that's why the repair manual
shows a Pinto, because even they came with it.  Most are lost over time
though.  Check the local junkyards, sometimes you'll find one still in the
trunk and in good shape.
                                                Bug Bug