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Re: Drag Racing?? maybe long, probably just rambling


I will also speak up here since I have been testing at the track quite a
bit this summer.  I have over 800 runs on my (now sold) 1989 Mustang 5.0
with GT-40 equipped motor. 

>......the SVO really wasn't designed forit. (drag racing)

True, but it is sure fun to take that return road a 60mph when the drag
cars need to slow down to 30mph.  

>It seems you're 'going against the grain' in what the cars intending use
>was for. I can understand trying to get every last HP out of the motor.
>That goes with the quote I seen once:

Some of us have just acquired our SVO's and are willing to modify them to
achieve better performance.  The 1/4 mile is an excellent way to test these

I bought my 86 SVO in July 97 and took it up to the track with a fresh
tune, fully stock.  I have added ONE thing at a time to see the
improvements in power.  I will post the improvements in power over all of
the modifications if anyone is interested.

Another thing that is exciting to me is to run down the track next to other
5.0 mustangs and blowing by the stock ones.  Most of the comments I get is,
Wow, your 5.0 is running pretty good, what have you done to it?" then I
explain that it is a 4cyl car.

I usually go on the test nights where the tree flashes at the same time,
kinda like street racing.  I remember standing by a guy, in the staging
lanes, driving a 1993 Cobra that was bragging how fast his car was with the
"new" E303 cam he just put in the car.  It ended up that I ran down the
track next to him and I ran a half of second faster them him, not bad for
an old SVO that I have $4000 into.

>To all you drag racing SVO owners out there...have you ever thought
>about stopping by the local SCCA event and trying out the course?
>Just a thought...:)

You have obviously never been to an SCCA event in the Denver, Colorado
area.  I participated in a couple of events back when I got my 5.0 and wow,
what a bunch of rude snobs.  Plus they stick you out there to pick up cones
for 2 hours so that you can pay $30 and get to run your car 3 times.  My
PERSONAL opinion is that SCCA is poorly organized.

I am hoping that Gary Morrell will prove me wrong with the upcoming event
in Pueblo.  I already have the VR Gatorbacks mounted on my Saleen wheels to
waste at the event.
Chris Roth