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RE: Dash Lighting

Good to hear you got things figured out.  As for your ignition switch,
I'd try spraying 
it with contact cleaner, or even WD-40.  Perhaps the contacts are dirty
causing a 
poor electrical connection.  Otherwise I'd suspect the switch is simply
worn out and
needs to be replaced.

>From: 	Michelle Buzek[SMTP:mbuzek@pdq.net]
>Sent: 	Tuesday, September 23, 1997 2:41 AM
>To: 	Leiding,Steve [Wpg]; Mustang SVO Mailing List
>Subject: 	Re: Dash Lighting
>Yeah, I got mine figured out. The fuse was blown but it wasn't blown in the
>middle where you could see it - once I took it out and looked closer (where
>the curve is) I saw that it was blown. Sometimes the headlight switch will
>get worn and will cause some short-circuiting - it did that on the 86 GT I
>had and on my 64 Falcon - maybe it's a Ford thing...
>I have another problem that I hope ya'll can help me with - this time it's
>the ignition switch. The car will be running but it seems like none of the
>accessories have any power going to them - the radio, power windows and
>locks, windshield wipers, etc..
>I have to wiggle the key in the ignition switch to make contact so
>everything works.
>Any suggestions on what I can do before I have to go find an ignition
>switch and replace it? And is it the same switch as a generic mustang (hey,
>all other Mustangs are generic when you own an SVO, right??)
>*NOTICE* my email has changed to smbuzek@swbell.net