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Re: Drag Racing??

>I was just reading over some of the posts and was wondering something.
>Why are you taking a car that is designed more for autocrossing or a
>road course and drag racing it?
  Because we can do both with these cars without many changes.

>I'm not trying to offend anyone here...it's just, it doesn't make much
>sense to me. To take a car that has such a balanced suspension yet a
>sensitive motor. It would even be very hard just to bracket race with
>one. Now, I love drag racing...But, the SVO really wasn't designed for
  Neither was the Pinto or the Vega, but how many of them were tearing up
the track over the years.

>It seems you're 'going against the grain' in what the cars intending use
>was for. I can understand trying to get every last HP out of the motor.
>That goes with the quote I seen once:
  Your right, but there's nothing more satisfying than the look on the face
of a "Fast" 5.0, or an SS Slowmaro, or even a Vette owner, when you spank
them with a 4-banger.

>"Given unlimited resourses, a true hot rodder wouldn't be content until
>he had created a car so violent, so hairy, so totally sick that the very
>act of stomping the throttle would result in instant death. Anything
>less that that results in the need to make it go faster"
  Now there's a goal to shoot for!

>To all you drag racing SVO owners out there...have you ever thought
>about stopping by the local SCCA event and trying out the course?
  Ever try to get a club to let you race with them.  Not so easy.  I am
actually talking to a guy about racing in IMRA.  Same style as SCCA, but
more leinient, and not a bunch of snotty "Sports Car" owners.

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