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Re: Drag Racing?? maybe long, probably just rambling

>You have obviously never been to an SCCA event in the Denver, Colorado

No, I haven't. I live in the South. Tennessee to be exact. But, I have
traveled to Georgia, Alabama, & Indiana to race, watch, or help.

PERSONAL opinion is that SCCA is poorly organized.

This is hard for me to believe. Just about 99% of all SCCA events I have
attended were one thing for sure...organized.

>I participated in a couple of events back when I got my 5.0 and wow,
what a bunch of rude snobs. 

Maybe so in your area. Around here, they welcome newcomers with smiles
and racing advice. But then again, I live in the South.

>I remember standing by a guy, in the staging
lanes, driving a 1993 Cobra that was bragging how fast his car was with
"new" E303 cam he just put in the car.  It ended up that I ran down the
track next to him and I ran a half of second faster them him, not bad
an old SVO that I have $4000 into.

I'm not familiar with your SVO...but a half a second faster? hmm..this
sounds like 'operator error' on the part of Cobra driver. If you were .5
faster in the 1/4..that would roughly equal a 50hp advantage.