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Re: Drag Racing?? maybe long, probably just rambling

Bud Morton wrote:

> I'm not familiar with your SVO...but a half a second faster? hmm..this
> sounds like 'operator error' on the part of Cobra driver. If you were .5
> faster in the 1/4..that would roughly equal a 50hp advantage.

At our weight it only takes 6hp to gain 1mph and 0.15s,  plus the SVO
is probably a little lighter.  Anyway if the SVO and Cobra were the
same weight, the SVO would only need about a 20hp advantage if the
takeoff were equal.  At this elevation, the  93 Cobra was down almost
20% on power...probably making about 200hp even.  Chris' SVO is
making about 210hp or so and running sticky tires.  Makes sense to me.

You'd have to come up to this elevation and watch people run to fully
comprehend how bad the thin air slows NA people down.  Stock 93 Cobras
run consistent low 15s up here, just like the 275hp Camaros and
Firebirds.  At 14.4, Chris' SVO is kicking pretty serious butt for a
nearly stock car.  We saw a new 911 Turbo with the sticker still on
it run a mid 13@108.  Now that REALLY kicked butt...