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Re: Drag Racing?? maybe long, probably just rambling


>I'm not familiar with your SVO...but a half a second faster? hmm..this
>sounds like 'operator error' on the part of Cobra driver. If you were .5
>faster in the 1/4..that would roughly equal a 50hp advantage.

Where do you get the 50 hp thing from?  The reason I was faster in that
race is because  I had sticky tires on and traction was not a problem.
Horsepower is usually determined by vehicle weight and ending quarter mile
mph.  Oddly enough,  my 60' time was a 2.12 and his 60' was 2.31.  I was
easily 6-8 car lengths in front of him from the start line to the finish
line, could it be from my .518 light compared to his .967 light, I think
so. But he never gained on me in the race.

I guess the point I was trying to make was that in a street racing
situation, he would have been very embarrassed.

I am hoping that the event the Gary Morrell talked about last week will be
a blast.

By the way, I attended a tire turning weekend back in 92 with my 5.0 hosted
by the Shelby America club of Colorado (or something like that) in Pueblo.
What a fun weekend, it was also at the Pueblo track and was a two day
event.  The fee to participate was $150 (a lot for a college punk) but it
was worth it.  I learned a lot from the driving instruction.  I fryed a NEW
set of tires and went through  the brakes as quickly, but what a blast.

Chris Roth 
85 SVO (Bright Red)
86 SVO (Silver Metallic)