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Re: Drag Racing??

Bud Morton wrote:

> I was just reading over some of the posts and was wondering something.
> Why are you taking a car that is designed more for autocrossing or a
> road course and drag racing it?

Because turbo lag sucks for autocross, and serious road racing is
expensive as hell, and requires replacing most of what makes an
SVO unique anyway...?

> I'm not trying to offend anyone here...it's just, it doesn't make much
> sense to me. To take a car that has such a balanced suspension yet a
> sensitive motor. It would even be very hard just to bracket race with
> one. Now, I love drag racing...But, the SVO really wasn't designed for
> it.

Yeah, you're right about that.  For the first few years I had my SVO
I didn't drag race for that exact reason.  Then I moved to Wyoming,
and some friends got me into street racing, and lo and behold, I
started kicking people's butts that I never thought I could beat.
My biggest revelation came one night when they lined me up with some
guy that had a 428 Cougar with the usual red-neck mods, but nothing
that really increased his power much.  I was meticulously maintaining
my car for racing...new plugs every weekend, very sticky street tires,
lots of takeoff practice.  I wasn't real fast, but I was prepared.
Anyway, I was TOTALLY intimidated by this guy with a big-block.  But,
in usual Wyoming fashion, he had old tires, hadn't tuned it up...he
had lots of torque though, so it felt fast.  In summary:  I tore his
ass up!  He was so pissed we had to do it a couple more times until
he left in disgust.  Ever since that day, I haven't been intimidated
by anything.  I've gotten beat here and there, but I've won way
more than I've lost, and had a lot of fun doing it.  To me there's
nothing more fun than beating people with a car they think HAS to
be slow because it's a 4 cylinder.