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Re: Drag Racing??

>>Neither was the Pinto or the Vega, but how many of them were tearing up
>the track over the years.
>Most of which...run a small block V8 and are set up totally for the
>strip...ie: narrowed rear end, stripped down for reduction of weight,
>prepped automatics, and so on.
        Ever hear of "Compact Stock"?(I think thats the class name).  It is
full of Pinto's, Vega's, Chevette's, Monza's and even some Mustangs.  All of
which run either 4 or 6 cylinder engine with stock bodies and suspensions.
And most run in the 11's and 12's.  Yes, they are race prepped, but must
meet "street equipment" rules.  Now how would you feel in a 5.0 and losing
to a 4-cyl Pinto.  The tubbed V-8 cars usually ran 10's or 9's, and they
were expected to be fast.
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