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Re: Drag Racing??

Hey Guys! (not boys, so we should act like adults)

Let me start off by saying that I respect and appreciate everyones opinions!!
Those of you who don't know me, I've been racing since I was 16, everything
from a 72 Maverick drag car (13.30s), GSXR750 Superbike (road race), Toyota
Celica (autocross), KZ1000 (drag race), WR500 (enduro), even bicycles, and
now a 86 TurboCoupe. I have gone from serious motorcycle roadracing to
playing with my T-C at the dragstrip, I think that it all comes down to
commitment, it takes incredible amounts of time to campaine a car ever week
at the racetrack and I have found this to be rewarding and draining. I also
see it as "To each his (or her) own!!" and wonder why we have to bicker
between ourselves. Lets take the information shared here and use it to all
our benifits and not judge each other for the choices we make!         

Just my 0.02

Bye the way, I love reading the posts on this list and would like to keep it
that way!!!

Rich Stark