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TFI Module

In regard to Carl's post:

>Moral:  If your EFI Ford runs like crap only when the motor is
>warm, but doesn't set any computer codes, always suspect the
>TFI module...

I am currently talking with a few people at ABC to learn more about the
20/20 report on the class action lawsuits pending against Ford due to
failures of TFI modules.  Most if not all of us, could be included in the
suit, and could realize some money refunded if your problems have stemmed
from a TFI module failure.  All problems would have to be documented,
though.  I know most people aren't like me, but, I have tried to save *all*
of my repair documentation.

I will be updating the list of my progress to discover more about these
precedings.  I feel there may be something important going on here.  If
anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me directly, but, only post to
the list if you feel it is important and relevant for all to hear.


Brian Guild
President TCCOA, TurboCoupe Club of America