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Re: TFI Module

Brian Guild wrote:
> In regard to Carl's post:
> >Moral:  If your EFI Ford runs like crap only when the motor is
> >warm, but doesn't set any computer codes, always suspect the
> >TFI module...
> I am currently talking with a few people at ABC to learn more about the
> 20/20 report on the class action lawsuits pending against Ford due to
> failures of TFI modules.  Most if not all of us, could be included in the
> suit, and could realize some money refunded if your problems have stemmed
> from a TFI module failure.  All problems would have to be documented,
> though.  I know most people aren't like me, but, I have tried to save *all*
> of my repair documentation.

I have my repair documentation, but there's no way I could ever prove
that my problem was TFI related.  Just the fact that the car wasn't
running right and I held it to the floor anyway would make it my
problem.  I don't expect the suit to go anywhere...except maybe
damage Ford's reputation to an extent.