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RE: Drag Racing??

I have to agree with Scott. What car is made for drag racing? The 
first "Drag racer" I ever built was (no laughing) a '74 Gremlin X.( 
Now there's a race car. Ha Ha) Took out the inline six and through in 
a 304 out of a Javelin, changed the CAM (Dave would have been proud), 
shaved the heads, open up the exhaust, and was off to the races. 
Racing is a passion, if you love to race and wanted to race a turbo 
firefly, who cares as long as we are all having fun. Besides as most 
have said it's a great way to test out our mods.

84 SVO, Silver

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On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, Bud Morton wrote:

> Hey Guys!
> I was just reading over some of the posts and was wondering 
> Why are you taking a car that is designed more for autocrossing or 
> road course and drag racing it?
i dont have an SVO, but I'll answer anyway...Cuz its fun.

> I'm not trying to offend anyone here...it's just, it doesn't make 
> sense to me. To take a car that has such a balanced suspension yet 
> sensitive motor. It would even be very hard just to bracket race 
> one. Now, I love drag racing...But, the SVO really wasn't designed 
> it.
What car is designed for drag racing?