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>"To each his (or her) own!!" and wonder why we have to bicker
>between ourselves.

I'm not bickering...I was just wondering why you guys are drag racing a
SVO? You're not changing springs, shocks, or adding traction control
devices other than sticky street tires.

Someone best put it with...'to see a real world result of my latest
tinkering'...the ole cause and effect. That made sense.

Now...I'm a drag racer (94 Cobra: 12.53@112mph 1.97 60ft on STREET
TIRES..not stickys..regular BFG Z Rated 17 inchers). I'm also a cone
head...and I've had a few hot laps around Road Atlanta.

But, after reading these post and seeing a fellow SVO owner flogging the
crap out of his 86 and running a 15.2...dunno what mph or anything else.
It leaves me scratching my head. Why? You're not getting down the strip
in a hurry..given the same time/modification..the 5.0 guys will always
be faster...ie: he bolts on an exhaust, sticky tires, fuel pressure reg,
head work, airflow, and so on.

It was just a curiosity question.

As I said in first post....My intentions weren't to offend anyone. I
enjoy smoking 5.0's,vettes,supras with my SVOs also...just on corners,
which is what what the SVO Engineers had it in mind for when they
designed it.

Bud Morton
86 SVO 2R
85 SVO 4E
94 Cobra #1506
69 Sportsroof