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Re: Draggin

Bud Morton wrote:

> But, after reading these post and seeing a fellow SVO owner flogging the
> crap out of his 86 and running a 15.2...dunno what mph or anything else.

You should see the guys up here flogging the crap out of their V8s and
running 16.2s up here in Colorado.

> It leaves me scratching my head. Why? You're not getting down the strip
> in a hurry..given the same time/modification..the 5.0 guys will always
> be faster...ie: he bolts on an exhaust, sticky tires, fuel pressure reg,
> head work, airflow, and so on.

If I was at sea level I'd probably agree with you.  I think the reverse
is true here, though.  Dollar for dollar, the SVO will go faster until
the 5.0 guy finally puts up the dollars for a power adder, and then
it's over, IF the 5.0 guy does it right.  There's a lot of 5.0 blower
cars up here only running low 14s, they obviously have problems, though.