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Re: Re:

On Sep 24, 12:05, Chris Roth wrote:
> Subject: Re:
> Good Morning Gary,
> I was hoping you would see this.
> >Are you sure you were at an SCCA event?  Maybe you were at a Porsche Club
> >event? ;-)
> It was a SCCA event, I was there with my friend Donny Seifer, he has/had a
> 86 T-bird with a Supercharged 5.0 in the car.  It is hard to miss painted
> some load blue/purple.

Speaking of Donny Seifer, I haven't seen him in some time. Did his singing
career take off big time or something?

> They just did not seem very friendly, they gave me shit in the tech
> inspection and tried to bump me up a class because the said my exhaust (or
> something was not stock)  This car was a bone stock ex-CSP cop car that I
> had bought 3 months earlier.

You may have had a Colorado Region experience. I'm not bad mouthing them, but
its only been in the last year that they've been able to get organized and run
events fairly efficiently. Their hallmark has always been very late starts; if
they promised first car on course by 10AM, it really meant 11:30. Really,
they're much better now.

> >As for the Pueblo event (which hasn't been scheduled yet), this is likely
> to be
> >an open track, Solo Trials-type event on the Pueblo Road Course. Drivers

> How strict are the classes?  Can I bring my 86 SVO with the modified
> exhaust and run it?  If so, what safely equipment needs to be in the car
> besides me in a helmet and a fire extinguisher?

Trials classes are the same as Solo II. Stock and street prepared classes must
wear long sleeve cotton shirts and long cotton pants, windows must be up or use
window nets, open cars must have roll bars with 2" clearance above the driver's
helmet. Minimum 2.5 pound ABC extinguisher securely mounted in car. Snell 85 or
newer helmet.

Prepared and modified cars: roll bar and fire extinguisher or fire supression
required, fire-retardent driver's suit required, window net or windows up.

Your SVO would run in G-stock, which is where all stock SVO's run now. Stock
rules say that the exhaust configuration is free after the catalytic, but don't
worry if you've yanked the cat, we're not that stringent about those sorts of
things for local competition.

> Is it going to be a formal hard-core race guys event or one for first
> timers?  I would really like to participate if there will be people their
> the give me positive criticism and help me out.

Trials is a step above autox, you must join the SCCA ($55) and purchase a Solo
Trials novice license ($15), this is required for the liability insurance. We
get some first-timers at all the Solo Trials, so you won't be alone. I'll be
there, I can help with tire pressures and suspension setup, as I know what
works for my SVO. I can also ride with you on the practice drive thrus and show
you proper cornering lines, braking points, that sort of stuff. I'd be happy to
help, we're always looking to bring fresh blood into the Trials program, its
not self sustaining at this point, so we need more regulars.

Gary M.