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Re: Draggin


For anyone who thinks the 5.0 is faster or better... I got rid of my
5.0  after I got the SVO. For far less money I can go faster and have a
car that actually stops and turns...

I've beaten 5.0s, even modified ones... and I spent very little money on
my mods... Now I'm building a killer motor and should really kick some

The reason we do this is because there are so many V8 guys that don't
know a damn thing about engines. They think a 600Holley on a 302 has
gotta beat some little four banger, regardless of what you do to it...
This one guy where I work is a Corvette freak. Say's 4banger are half a
motor! So I took my tape of the WinterNationals of Mini stockers... 
They had a Supra Turbo there with a few mods, some headwork and Nitros a
new turbo... It ran a 10.5@ over 140mph... He still couldn't believe it
and assured me there was some kinda "trick" to it.... No way you can do
that with a straight six... and what is even worse is that the car was

See the SVO Mustang Website: http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/5997

84 SVO with NOS Fogger
Your 5.0 might be faster? Feeling lucky punk!