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Re: How I holed my piston...

> > Moral:  If your EFI Ford runs like crap only when the motor is
> > warm, but doesn't set any computer codes, always suspect the
> > TFI module...
> > 
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> > Carl_Morris@StorTek.Com
> Amen to that Carl! I learned with a new Standard Ignition replacement
> module in my friends '87 TC. It would buck, breakup and run like shit
> after four minutes of operation when run from cold. After many hours of
> diagnostic time I discovered it too was the module!
> John Garasimowicz, '87 TC

Another thing to look at: Sometimes the TFI is fine, it's the SPOUT or TFI
connector that is at fault. You just don't realize it because you replace
the TFI, re-mating the connector. My harness is of '88 TC vintage, and
_every_ connector was really grimey. The original di-electric grease seems
to attract a LOT of dirt and other gross stuff, and a good cleaning with a
rag and a re-greasing seems to do wonders. Fixed my O2 that way a month
ago. From my experience, the TFI has never caused bucking or sporatic
firing of the plugs....a dirty connector (especially the PIP or SPOUT
wires) has.