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Re: Draggin a SVO

Scott Shidel... wrote:

> <SVOs>

> They handle good, better then alot of cars
> in the same price range, but its not like they will outhandle a new Supra
> or 300ZX, and have you ever seen a Supra or 300ZX at the track?

I see them fairly often.  I run about the same mph as the 300ZXs
(I usually get a better takeoff, though), but the Supras are usually
faster than me.  There was one there last night with a 5 inch exhaust
tip ;-), but I never got to see his times.

My apologies to the people that I usually let know when I'm going to
the track, it was a last minute thing and I didn't even take my car.
A friend wanted to go so bad that he told me to drive his car, and
he'd ride his motorcycle.  For reference purposes, a new 200hp
6 cylinder Camaro goes 16.9@81mph here, and a 600cc Katana goes
about 13.7@98mph.  I annoyed him by beating his best times by 2
tenths on both of his own vehicles ;-).

> I like 5.0s, unlike alot of ppl here.

I like 5.0s a lot, I wouldn't mind buying one and putting turbos
on it someday.  Then I could run truly fast, and be able to use
all this crap I've learned playing with SVOs ;-).

Or I could buy a Pinto and go truly fast...you guys actually make
it sound pretty fun ;-), seeing how I like sleepers anyway.