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Results...If you want to call them that. I've never seen so many "re" to
a post in my life. It would have to come from one of my post.:)

Here's some of the highlights I recieved:

>Lets take the information shared here and use it to all our benifits

>I just think it is neat to be drag racing your car.

>To me there's nothing more fun than beating people with a car they >think HAS to be slow because it's a 4 cylinder.

>Because we can do both with these cars without many changes.

>there's nothing more satisfying when you spank
>them with a 4-banger.

>it is sure fun to take that return road a 60mph when the drag
>cars need to slow down to 30mph.  

>Life begins at 5500 rpm :):):)

>I do it to get quatifiable results from the latest round of "diddling >with the motor".....

>The only part you *do* need to work on and improve is the motor.

>I think what you're seeing is a bunch of fellows who are modifying >their cars and trying to get quantifiable data that verifies what >they've done, which is much easier at the strip then at the road >course.

>i dont have an SVO, but I'll answer anyway...Cuz its fun.

>if you love to race and wanted to race a turbo firefly, who cares as >long as we are all having fun.

It was best said by one of my fellow SVOOA members. "SVO owners are as
unique as their cars"

Bud Morton
86 SVO 2R
85 SVO 4E
94 SVT Cobra
69 Sportsroof