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Re: bandimere

Chris Roth wrote:
> Carl,
> >...and a 600cc Katana goes
> >about 13.7@98mph.  I annoyed him by beating his best times by 2
> >tenths on both of his own vehicles ;-).
> Ouch, my 5.0 was faster than that bike.  I still want to get my bike doown
> to the track this year.
> You know what we call Katanas?  Kan-o-tuna.  I just like to rip on the
> katana even though I own a GS750 Suzuki.

It was pretty fun.  I've ridden a lot of Motocross bikes, but street
bikes seem pretty wild to me.  On my second run I pulled the front
tire for the last half of first gear...exciting stuff for me ;-).

Doug had never driven his vehicles hard.  He was definitely psyched.
He was paranoid that I was going to hurt his Camaro, so we went and
drive around a little and I showed him what I was going to do.  He'd
never chirped a tire before, and was surprised that his car would do
it...;-).  He's one of the guys that wants to do the karts...

I talked off-line a little with that Bud guy.  Turns out he's spent
quite a bit of money on his Cobra.  No power adders, but big dollar
heads, extrude honed intake, custom cam, tons of little stuff.  I'm
not real impressed with his mid 12 at that dollar level.