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Re: Bud talk....

> is Bud talking
> > is me talking

Bud says....

> Get your panties out of a wad. I asked a simple question. I asked it
> several times cause people wouldn't answer the initial question. They
> were trying to get away from and turn it around on me...answering a
> question with a question....just as you did.

Bite me! We all answered your stupid narrow-minded question.  You just
wouldn't listen to, or accept, OUR reasons why.  And later in your message
you *admit* that you don't accept our reasons.

Then you wouldn't answer questions which would clearly define where you
were coming from.  This was important, because no-one here saw it the way
you do.  And they still don't....

> Correct me if I'm wrong...but I do have the right as a 'list' member to
> do so?..ask a question, that is.

Yes, but the tone of voice that came across from that "innocent" question,
and your subsequent posts, don't portray you well.  Everybody here tried to
give the benefit of the doubt until you made it clear what your point was. 
And that was; that you don't think an SVO belongs on a drag strip.   As for
this point, go tell it to a Hyundai owner. :)  We've all seen plenty of
those at the strip.  Winning sometimes too.

> Take your SVO out there and drag it...I DON'T CARE. I just wanted to
> know what you guys were getting out of drag racing a car that was
> COMPLETELY designed for curves.
> > And what makes any car you can think of "suited" for drag racing?
> It certainly isn't one that has all the components of a road course car.

Tell that to the 5.0 guys with bigger grakes and konis on their Vortec'd
5.0, and see how warmly they recieve your assessment that their car is not
for the drag strip.

This is the area where you hold a preconception that is foreign to most of
us.  Follow this example.

If you had a car that handled great and stopped great, would that make it a
"road course" car?  It seems you are saying that is exactly what the SVO

Now, if it had 400 hp, would that make it *not* a "road course" car?  If
you took the brakes and Konis off, would that make it a "drag car"?

They're all cars.  None of us is trying to make our SVOs into a purpose
built "drag car".  If we were, there'd be bunches of people on here with

> Doesn't bother me...just confuses me ( other than the fact of test/tune)
> THAT....I can understand. Most people can't afford a hour a week on a
> dyno. So, with that I could see your point. But, some of these guys are
> going out once a week....just to improve their driving skills. 

Here's an interesting point too.  Launching an SVO is very hard.  So
improving their skills at launching the car is a very valid expenditure of

> If you're
> doing it for pure entertainment...I could understand that. I just
> wouldn't do it in a rare/collectable car like the SVO. 

Again, as I said, there's less chance of wrecking the car, by drag racing
it, than road racing it.  Yes Auto-x has even less risk, if there's only
one car on the course at a time, but it's 3 times as much money as the drag
racing test and tune night. And it wastes the tires.  There's not much to
learn about the car, cause it already handles pretty well.  Sure you could
learn to drive it better, but taking turns in an SVO is pretty easy
compared to getting it to come out of the hole quickly.  And like I said,
most of us are not about improving the handling.  We're about making it go

This doesn't mean that we're all headed for Don Garlits land.  It means we
identified and are working to improve the weakest point of an SVOs
character.  I have a GTech and can't find somwhere safe and secluded to use
it.  So I go to the track.

> Don't get fussy with me for having a different opinion and questioning
> yours...some people question to get answers/understand. I'm not looking
> down my nose at you for doing it. The only person that did some snubbing
> were doing so while being defensive about being questioned

I think your posts and replys have been inflammatory.  And I would BELIEVE
what you wrote above, IF you had accepted our reasons, that we supplied. 
You didn't (and still don't) accept our reasons.  That's not a good way to
treat people, here or anywhere.

You said, initially....
I'm just curious...why you guys are trying to compete with the torque
gruntn 5.0s on 'their turf'...the 1/4mi.

What makes it their turf?  That would be like us (SVOs) snubbing 5.0s on a
road course.  Equally stupid.

I'm glad you have a 5.0 that does 12s.  But don't you think it would be
impressive for an SVO to run 13s if it was out there?  How would you know
unless you did it?

Now as for "draggin for entertainment", these are these people's cars. 
They can do what they want with em.

I hope you can tell us about your SVO and how it ran, so that we can gain
something from your experience with the 2.3, rather than hearing about your