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Re: How I holed my piston...

Hey Guys!!

Heres something that happen to me thats really strange. Every once in a great
while my TurboCoupe wouldn't start, I had been reading posts on bad
connecters and so I'd go under the hood and rattle the connecters and after a
few minutes it would start. Then I desided to give it a tune up, removed the
plug to check the timing and  it wouldn't start to check it without the
computer, But it started with the plug. So I let it go and scratched my head
not knowing why it did that, then one day it wouldn't start at all (ignition
module was bad), so I replaced it and went back and checked the timing. Now
with the new module the car started without the plug and I could set the
timing. I guess my question is, why wouldn't it start without the plug and is
this a way to diagnos a module going bad? Any thoughts?  

Rich Stark