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Re: Drag Racing??

Isn't it Cory Erickson's Pinto thats running 11's with a Thunderbird 2.3 in

>On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, Cory Erickson wrote:
>> On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, Bud Morton wrote:
>> > Chris Costanzo wrote:
>> > >
>> > > >Recieved from: Bud Morton (rumoving@bellsouth.net)
>> > > >Bug Bug....it's still a pinto...you can't polish a turd..even if it's a
>> > > >fast turd...it's still a turd.
>> > > >
>I dont care what anyone says to me...Your a friggin shithead!
>> > It's still a pinto. No matter how you slice it.
>yep, and thre was a person on the list that has one that would rip yours a
>new one.
>> True, but Pintos have class. You know, there are a list of reasons why I
>> love to drive a turbocharged Pinto:
>> "I was going how fast? Surely officer you don't think this car can do
>> 130?"
>Not like most 5.0s can do it and not feel like they are gonna rip to
>> I don't have to go on prozak if I lose to a modded 5.0 (unlike the owner
>> of the 5.0 if I place within a couple cars of his $10k+ ride)
>if YOU place within a few cars?  Most 5.0 babies whine whan anyone beats
>them..dont feel like your singled out.
>> "Dammit Scott, the F*&k*ng insurance company wants $80 for 6 months of
>> coverage this term!"
>LOL....I love that one!
>> "I can come take any parts I want off the Pinto in the yard for $5?"
>That one too:)
>> "Oh damn, someone knicked my door again -- hope it wasn't that 5.0 with
>> the nice paint ;)"
>Actually, as crappy as my pinto looks,  still don't like it when it gets
>worse.   I would prolly have a fit if it got dinged.
>Also, I jus love it when Im at the track and people come up to me and say
>things like "Thats only a 4 cyclinder?????!!!!!"  How many people are
>impressed that your 5.0 huffer runs 12's?
>I like having a car that runs 13's, is streetable, and only cost me about
>800 dollars total.  How fast did your cobra run with 800 in MODS?(that
>includes things like tires, too).
>I like having all factory parts on my car.  The only thing aftermarket in
>the WHOLE drivetrain is a hurst shifter, and a summit mini spool..and some
>aftermarket cheesy Wells ignition stuff.  But it even runs Ford oil and a
>Motorcraft filter.  O yeah, it has a K&N...EVERYTHING ELSE IS FACTORY.
>And my car weighs jus shy of 2400..so its not THAT lite.
>Its cool to go to the street races and have assholes like you laff at me.
>Your ignorance shows when I take yer money.
>its nice to not have to pay out the ass when the car breaks.  I can get a
>spare anything cheaper than you can.
>Im not sayin my car is great, but I am not sittin here tlakin about how
>your Cobra is a dime a dozen Cookie cutter car, that needs to get mods out
>the ass to run 12's, etc.
>> Bud, come check out my homepage:
>> Cory
>> http://dragon.moorhead.msus.edu/~ericksco
>And mine too...
>Dave: What is it with assholes like this?
>->71 Pinto stonestock 2.3 EFI Turbo T5, 13.67@99 on generic radials
>->86 Escort..12.06@57 1/8th mile:) ..but gets me where I gotta
>go..sometimes<----turbo soon to come.Stay tuned for details

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