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Re: Hard to launch

Sly, Dennis wrote:
> One thing that has consitantly came up through the "Bud talk" is the
> fact that SVO's are hard to launch. I was talking to an guy last night
> about the same thing. ANYBODY have the answer as to why? and if so what
> if anything can we do to correct or help this situation? or is this a
> fact of SVO life.

I was VERY happy with how my SVO used to launch on the street (at
least on pavement that my tires liked).  I was using the stock
flywheel, the Motorsport clutch, and keeping the RPM at about
4500 while pumping the throttle quickly to maximize boost.  The
clutch had a nice little half-second bit of slip when I dropped
it that was just enough to keep from breaking the tires loose
from the shock.  I had full boost by the time the clutch was
locked up, and no one without slicks ever beat me off the line.

All you need is good tires, and enough inertia in the system to
carry you until you get boost, and a clutch that's not on/off.
Unfortunately, right now I'm kind of hosed on all three, but it's
my own fault because I did it on purpose ;-).