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[no subject]

Listen Dave,

You started this snubbing with the first smart-ass reply. I was asking a
curious question I had. At first, no one was answering it. They were in
return questioning me for asking the question.

Don't come at me with an agressive tone and expect it not to return.

I'm sorry I offended the almighty superior Dave Compton...not. We he
take my SVOs away from me now? I have a right to my opinion and to
express them. I feel that the SVOs show their skills better on a road
course or autocrossing more than on a straight line. I've seen several
narrow minded comments on here before. A guy puts a 5.0 in a SVO and
several replies "he needs to be smacked"...his car....his
opinion...where do you get off calling me narrow minded? Sound familiar

I've own 2 SVOs and another one previously. I love the cars. 

And if my typing "tone" offends you...then don't reply to the question.

The point being...I have a right to my opinion...as do you and everyone
else on this board. Don't ever expect me to cower the next time you
become a snubbing fool.

Bud Morton