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Re: Drag Racing??

>True, but Pintos have class. You know, there are a list of reasons why I
>love to drive a turbocharged Pinto:
>"I was going how fast? Surely officer you don't think this car can do
>I don't have to worry about where I park it
>I don't have to go on prozak if I lose to a modded 5.0 (unlike the owner
>of the 5.0 if I place within a couple cars of his $10k+ ride)
>"Did you say you wanted $15 for a new front rotor?"
>"Dammit Scott, the F*&k*ng insurance company wants $80 for 6 months of
>coverage this term!"
>"I can come take any parts I want off the Pinto in the yard for $5?"
>"Oh damn, someone knicked my door again -- hope it wasn't that 5.0 with
>the nice paint ;)"
>Besides, Pintos are cooler cuz they are faster than you run-of-the-mill
>SVO and Merkur <*GRIN*>.

        I knew some of the Pinto owners here would finally show up :)  I was
startin' to get scared (yeah right!)  I say, we all get our Pinto's together
(as soon as I put my motor back in...) and we go and beat his Cobra one by
one.  I think that would make one hell of a magazine story.  They probobly
wouldn't run it in 5.0 magazines though :)