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You can't remember who said what...
I did not say, "smack em".  So go tell it to somebody else.

You got a brother named Rhett?

I guess you couldn't understand the "400 hp" analogy, so that's why you
didn't answer it.  Or maybe it hit  too close to home, and your Cobra.

I don't expect you to cower.  I expect you to back up what you're asking,
or saying, so that it makes sense. You STILL have not done that.  You're
talking out of both sides of your mouth and hanging on to a bad thread. 
Logic is lost on you.

You sure you don't have a brother named Rhett?

You're standing there, not explaining, nor defending, your original point
and how you expanded on it, just pointing the finger at others, saying
"look what he/she did".  That's like a kid who's being scolded for making a
mess, saying "yeah, look at little sister, she just bit the cat".  

It didn't work then, it won't work here.  Let alone even make sense.

Are you SURE you don't have a brother named Rhett?

Bud says;
> You started this snubbing with the first smart-ass reply. I was asking

Here is what I sent you, in case you forgot;
And what makes any car you can think of "suited" for drag racing?

I don't know what you're "trying" to say, but after reading the enter
thread, in order, it sure sounds like you're snubbing your nose at SVOs in
This is not a smartass reply.  Check again. The one where I said "Bite me"
was the first of the smartass replies. Oh, and it was in reply to you're
saying "Get your panties out of a wad".

> The point being...I have a right to my opinion...as do you and everyone
> else on this           board.           Don't ever expect me to cower the
next time you
> become a snubbing fool.

BOARD!!!  Hiya Rhett!!!  At least you didn't call it "post" this time.

My point exactly, and you fouled first.

Since you found no support for you opinion on this forum, and you're not
sharing what you profess to know about these cars, maybe you'd be happier
having this discussion with the members of the Cobra SVT list.  I'm sure
you'd find support for your NARROW-MINDED-NESS, there.

If you want to help us, feel free.  If you want to question what we're
doing, and *then* ridicule it, go somewhere else. We won't miss you.

Thanks for the compliments :)

Oh,  I was out the track last week and saw a Volkswagon beetle that had a
bad launch and ran 11s.  You gonna ask him why he doesn't just stick to
getting groceries, after he beats your Cobra?

Nevermind, that was an analogy, and you don't get those....

Gotta play fair to play here....