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Re: Hard to launch


>...that SVO's are hard to launch. I was talking to an guy last night
>about the same thing. ANYBODY have the answer as to why? and if so what
>if anything can we do to correct or help this situation? or is this a
>fact of SVO life.

This is true that SVO's are hard to launch off of the line at a drag strip.
 It seems like either a bog or tire spin.  There is no torque without boost
and tons of torque with boost, the problem is finding the median.  

One thing I have seen done is to use a rev limiter (dual stage actually).
Basically it works with a momentary switch the allows you to WOL the engine
and the car will rev to the rpm you set.  It does work, I know a guy that
uses it on a 2.3L turbo motor.  And it does start to build boost even
though there is not a real load on the engine.

The bad thing about this is that it sounds terrible when used and I am sure
it is equally as bad for the motor expecially when the motor starts to
build boost.

Joe Morgan  sent a message back about my inquiry several months ago and
stated that a better way to do the same thing is to use a timing retard
device.  I have looked through the MSD web site but have not found anything
that will do we he is talking about.  

Any ideas?

>AND BUD! (is you last name BUNDY) Did you ever sit back and realize that
>when SVO's came out on the market they had the same horsepower as the
>V8's of the same year?
>SOOOO, why would you think one was made for the drag strip and the other
> We (or atleast, I am) are trying to take one of the best cars ford ever
>built and improve on it. The Brain trust in this group is second to
>none. The amount of work , effort, and information passed around is
>More people on this list are beating V8's on a regular basis than not.
>SO BUD if you disbelieve or don't like, YOU JOINED THE WRONG GROUP.
>You should be talking to all those "gruntn 5.0s" on thier list.
>84 SVO, Silver
>Faster than a lot of V8's.

Chris Roth 
85 SVO (Bright Red)
86 SVO (Silver Metallic)