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Fw: [M] Bolt-on Turbo mods necessary

I'm forwarding this in response to Eric's question, and others thinking of
putting on a bigger turbo.

Jeez Eric, you're even ON the Merkur list :)


> From: Neil Swanson <75377.3445@COMPUSERVE.COM>
> Subject: [M] Bolt-on Turbo
> Date: Thursday, September 04, 1997 11:17 AM
> Hey boost heads,
> One note about the bolt-on aspect.  Yes they do bolt on but with one
> glitch that is true of all larger compressor housings.
> You've just increased the OD of the comp right?  The wastegate will hit
> alloy casting for the motor mount as it now sits lower.  You need to
> a trough or relief in the top of the casting.  Just do it enough to get
> some clearence.  Don't worry about making it weak, you aren't grinding it
> that much.
> Also unless TT modifies the bracket that mounts the wastegate to the
> you will.  The bolt spacing on a larger housing is different than stock.
> So expect some grinding and drilling.  Be sure to get the WG rod a
> shot to the lever.  No wacky angles please.
> Other than that it is a bolt on.  All the bigger turbos need these mods
> matter who builds'em.
> And, as if I have to tell you, get new gaskets for the oil drain, a new
> line whether stock or otherwise.  Have new clean oil in the engine.  Also
> squirt some oil into the turbo before installing the line.  Crank the
> engine to build oil pressure before you run it.
> BTDT to all of the above.
> Have fun
> Neil
> And I still say go with the .48.   A .63 will move the "fun zone" in 5th
> gear up where you need to be going 85-90 BEFORE it starts to really pull.
> That is just silly.  Think about how your cars responds now with a stock
> turbo.  It really is a good setup.